Course curriculum

    1. Road_Road Course intro

    2. Road_Instructor Bio

    3. Road_What is fit?

    4. Road_Sizing vs Fit

    5. Road_Sizing Charts

    6. Road_Why Do A Bike Fit?

    7. Road_What Makes A Great Fit?

    8. Road_Common Cycling Complaints

    9. Road_Setting Up A Pro Studio

    10. Road_Tools Of The Trade

    11. RoadCourseNotes_Course Intro & Fitting Basics_

    12. Road_BFC Chapter Intro Fitting Basics Audio

    13. Road Bike Fitting Bike Fit Basics Quiz

    1. Road_Flow Of A Bike Fit

    2. Road Side View Process

    3. RoadCourseNotes_Session Flow

    4. Road_BFC ChapterSession Flow Audio

    5. Road Bike Fit Flow - Quiz

    1. Road_Check The Shoes

    2. Road_Checking The Footbed

    3. Road_Mounting The Bike Instructions

    4. Road_Mounting the Bike Example

    5. Road_Levelling The Bike

    6. Road_BFC Chapter Getting The Fit Started Audio

    7. Road Bike - Getting The Fit Quiz

    1. History Take_Instruction

    2. Bike Fit Canada - Printable History Take Form

    3. Intake Form

    4. RoadCourseNotes_History Take - Instructions

    5. Road_BFC Chapter History Take Audio

    6. Road Bike - History Take Quiz

    1. Road_Global View

    2. Road_Global View Example

    3. Road_Torso Angle

    4. Road_Efficient Positions

    5. Road_Checking For Wear On Parts

    6. RoadCourseNotes_Global View

    7. Road_BFC Chapter Global View Audio

    8. Road Bike - Global View Quiz

    1. Road_Using The Lake Measuring Device

    2. Road_Working With A Riders Shoes

    3. Road_Insole Examples

About this course

  • $327.00
  • 117 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Comprehensive Course Content

What you can expect with your online fitting course.

  • Video Examples

    Dave demonstrates making adjustments to the foot/pedal interface and bike and much more!

  • Case Studies

    Examine real before & after case studies from Dave's studio at BC Bike Fit.

  • Quizzes

    Test your knowledge with short chapter quizzes. Plus audio on-the-go for learning while you ride.

Learn the skills for bike fitting professionally!

A proven protocol with 1,000's of fits.


Dave Howells

Owner & Lead Bike Fit Instructor

I have been riding and racing for 40-years and I am still going strong. I love getting out on the mountain bike for an Epic day or ripping it up on my Gravel Bike. I have learned so much from “Life behind bars” and in many ways this has helped me understand the dynamics that surround this great sport. I have also been able to experience the cycling industry from the ground-up working in bike shops, coaching road and mountain biking and instructing spin cycling. I have raced mountain bike, road bike and triathlon as well as other multi-sport events including Xterra and adventure racing. When I started Bike Fitting so much of what I was learning made sense and it was so exciting to begin to connect with an aspect of the industry that I know was for me. There is nothing better than connecting with a rider, making changes to their bike and then getting feedback that compliments the service that they received. Taking the cycling experience to another level is what it is all about! Now BikeFit Canada allows me to share my knowledge and expand the growth of the sport in a direction that contributes to success for all of those people seeking this valuable service.

Cody Osborne

Manager of Online Learning

Cody is a Level 2 Bike Fit Canada certified bike fitter with additional training from F.I.S.T, Gebiomized, USA Triathlon and Fit Kit Systems. He owns and operates Flexion Bike Fit in Edmonton. His contribution to the online suite of courses includes videography, production and course construction.